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Supply & Installation of energy efficient products

Midlands based firm specialising in the supply and installation of both renewable micro-generation and also energy efficient products.

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Commercial Solar Panels

Generate your own electricity & reduce overhead costs

Considering the ever increasing electricity prices, why not invest in Solar PV panels to provide a significant return on your investment and keep down running costs.

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Residential Solar Panels

Accredited Specialist Solar Panel Installations

Energy Connect are a specialist solar panel installer based in the Midlands, our dedicated team offer a complete service, from initial advice to installation and support.

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Energy Connect UK LTD

Producing your own green energy has many advantages. For every unit of electricity you generate, you reduce your energy bill and more importantly reduce CO2 and greenhouse emissions. Energy Connect supply a wide range of Micro Generation technologies, keeping solar panel cost down a minimum. Please click the relevant product to find further details on Solar PV panels, wind turbines and sun pipes.

There has never been a better time to invest in solar energy, so why not buy solar panels and make the switch to solar PV? An array of solar PV panels installed at your home or business will benefit you in three distinct ways:

1 - Financial Benefits - Caring for our planet can also provide excellent ROI.

2 - Reduction in Carbon Footprint - Every KWh of electricity generated by the solar panels, you are saving 0.43kg of Carbon Dioxide which would have been output from the power station providing that same amount of electricity. This means it is easily possible to reduce your household's carbon footprint by at minimum half a tonne of carbon Dioxide per year, simply by producing your own power.

3 - Power that is Consistent and Reliable - Photovoltaic solar power is a renewable energy source, and as such there is nothing to worry about using up this resource, as opposed to the consumption of fossil fuels by our power stations. As non-renewable energy resources dwindle, and consequently fuel prices rise, your Solar PV Panels will continue to provide you with free renewable energy for a minimum 25 years and at maximum, 40 years, ensuring that the initial solar panel cost offers significant value for money!

How Much Does Photovoltaic Solar Power Cost?

For a quote regarding your home or business please call 0116 242 5151 for more information. Energy Connect UK are experts at providing photovoltaic solar power to Leicester, Nottingham, Derby and the surrounding areas.

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Please find below information and specification for our current solar products:

  • Mage Solar


    Powertec Plus 235w 6 PE

    Mage 235

    Quick Specs

    • Number of Cells: 60
    • Solar Cell Type: Poly
    • Power Class: 235Wp
    • Module Effiecency: 14.60%
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  • Mage Solar


    Powertec Plus 260 M

    Mage 260

    Quick Specs

    • Number of Cells: 96
    • Solar Cell Type: Mono
    • Power Class: 260Wp
    • Module Effiecency: 15.69%
    View specification sheet
  • Sharp


    NU-E245 (J5)

    Sharp NU Series

    Quick Specs

    • Number of Cells: 60
    • Solar Cell Type: Mono
    • Power Class: 245Wp
    • Module Effiecency: 14.90%
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We are able to provide & Install turbines from small 100w up to 6kw. Mostly Commercial & Educational and a few residential. If you are considering an installation and would like a site survey please contact our sales team.


As each installation has its own unique position they are dependent upon a site survey. Custom anchors mountings and erections are developed by our own engineering staff, drawings can be provided for planning permission purposes and structural analasis.

Please contact us for further information concerning site surveys or quotations.

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Please find below information and specification for our current wind turbine products:

  • Zephyr


    Zephyr Air Dolphin

    Zephyr Dolphin

    Key Features

    • Extremely Low Mass – Hub weighs only 17.5kg, thus allowing installation in a wide variety of places.
    • Newly designed ‘Swing Rudder’ system – superior response to changes in wind direction.
    • Three ultra-low mass carbon fibre blades – responding flexibly and effectively to wind speed changes.
    • Innovative blade surface – thin grooves significantly reduce air flow noise.
    • No Screw Design – the robust construction ensures superb durability.
    • Power Assist Function – allows the rotor to reach a cut-in point more quickly.
    • Power Management System – automatically moderates its speed in extremely strong winds.
    View specification sheet
  • AmpAir


    Ampair Micro - 300w

    Ampair 300

    Key Features

    • Glass filled polyester blades.
    • Rotor disc and hub together make up the unique PowerFurl™ furling mechanism.
    • The blades have a relatively broad root section to enable them to start up in low wind speeds.
    • Allows for 12 or 24 volts charging to batteries or fitting inverter for 230v AC output.
    View specification sheet
  • AmpAir


    Ampair Micro - 600w

    Ampair 600

    Key Features

    • Glass filled polyester blades.
    • PowerFurl™ passive self furling simultaneous blade pitch control.
    • Cut in windspeed 3-4 m/s; no cut-out windspeed due to PowerFurl™ system.
    • G83 grid-tie inverter synchronises wind turbine with 230 volts AC 50Hz utility electrical supply.
    • Permanent magnet, three phase, asynchronous, brushless generator.
    • All turbine materials suitable for marine use (including seafront locations).
    • Swept area of 2.2m2 (1.7m diameter).
    • Self-contained metering, overload protection, safety isolation, and parking switch.
    • Approximate total installed weight 16 kgs. for the turbine head, plus mounting system weight.
    View specification sheet
  • AmpAir


    Ampair Micro - 6kw (6000w)

    Ampair 6k

    Key Features

    • Winner of the prestigious Rushlight Windpower Award 2008.
    • Rotor diameter of 5.5m, ideal for supplying public buildings & industrial infrastructure, either offshore or onshore.
    • 230V grid connection or for 48V battery charging.
    • Masts from 10m to 30m, in a variety of styles including monopole or lattice; guyed or unguyed.
    • Price for the grid connected 230V system on a 10m mast is just £13,500 excluding vat and labour.
    View specification sheet
MicroGeneration Products

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