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Invest Into Renewable Energy

Respect for your business in the public sector

Considering the environment is an important responsibility for any business. Contact us today to see how our solar panels and wind turbines can benefit your business.

Wind Turbines

Power above the competition

Increase funds & the value of your assets

Utilise solar power to generate your own on-site electricity, allowing you to run your premises for less, providing the opportunity to reinvest additional funds back into your business.

Generate Electricity

Energy Connect UK LTD

Maintenance & Repair

We have an offering of responsive, competent and excellent service throughout our working relationship with customers. Whether advising on new installations, providing service and maintenance for your installed wind turbines or simply assisting you with general enquiries. Some of the serivces we offer such as oil service, repair work etc...

Replacements & Decommissioning

Due to obsolete renewable energy solutions becoming more common, replacement componenets & parts have become difficult for consumers to obtain. We offer services to replace parts, Inverters, solar panels, replacement parts for wind trubines. We help to obtain and facilitate as well as fit and repair these parts to help the customer. Decommissioning solar panels or wind tubines can be a difficult task to carry out on your own, why not let us help??
Wind turbines and solar panels require a lot of planning and care to remove saftley and responsibly. As trained professionals, you can expect a well orginizaed and safe decommissioning of your renewable technology.

Commercial Solar Panels

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