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Supply & Installation of energy efficient products

Midlands based firm specialising in the supply and installation of both renewable micro-generation and also energy efficient products.

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NEW COMPANY TEL: 0116 2427007

Our number has now been changed.

As of the 6th of October 2018 we have changed company number, our older company number will no long be active for use. Please call Tel: 0116 242 7007

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Commercial Solar Panels

Generate your own electricity & reduce overhead costs

Considering the ever increasing electricity prices, why not invest in Solar PV panels to provide a significant return on your investment and keep down running costs.

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Residential Solar Panels

Accredited Specialist Solar Panel Installations

Energy Connect are a specialist solar panel installer based in the Midlands, our dedicated team offer a complete service, from initial advice to installation and support.

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Energy Connect

There has never been a better time to invest in solar energy.

There has never been a better time to invest in solar energy. The solar installers from Energy Connect UK Ltd specialise in supplying and installing micro-generation and energy efficient products to ever increasing energy efficient domestic and commercial consumers nationwide. We are based in the Midlands and aim to make efficient use of the earth’s natural resources including solar power and wind power in order to decrease the carbon footprint of households and businesses.

The Energy Connect team offer a complete service, from initial advice to design, implementation and post sales support. Our expertise enables us to integrate leading edge technology into existing utility infrastructures as well as new-build projects. Energy Connect UK Ltd. currently supplies and supports customers located throughout the UK.

Energy Connect UK LTD

Energy Connect are a specialist microgeneration company based in Leicester. A solar power installation from our team will be performed to an extremely high standard by experienced and highly skilled engineers.

There has never been a better time to invest in solar energy. An array of panels installed at your home or business will benefit you in three distinct ways:

Benefit One - Financially Return on Investment

Saving the planet can now also provide excellent returns on investment, with every self generated unit of Electricity your household or business utilises, it is one less unit purchased from your electricity company. With energy prices expected to continue to rise significantly over the next 25 years, an installation from us will provide you with ever increasing and substantial savings on your utiliy bills.

Benefit Two - Carbon Saving / Footprint Reduction CO2

For every used KWh of electricity the solar panels generate, you are effectively saving 0.43kg of CO2 which would have been created by the Power Station serving your house. This means it is extremely possible to reduce your household's carbon footprint by at least 1/2 a tonne of CO2 per year, just by generating your own power.

Benefit Three - Consistent Reliable Power Source Reliable Power Source

Solar energy is completely renewable, there are no concerns with regards to using it all up, unlike the fossil fuels our power stations use today. As traditional fuels decrease in supply, and prices rocket up as a result, your solar array will continue to generate free power for an expected lifetime of at least 25 and up to 40 years!

Energy Connect UK LTD

Energy Connect offer solar power solutions throughout Leicester, Nottingham and Derby and other areas. If you would like to get in contact with us please call us on: 0116 242 7007

Solar Panels

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