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Off Grid Case Study – West Beacon Farm

As a company we are very proud to have been featured in the NAPIT Industry Magazine for our recent ‘off-grid’ power solution for Professor Tony Marmont at his West Beacon Farm site.

The site showcases a wide variety of microgeneration equipment allowing us to fully explore all the possibilities that SMA’s off grid range of inverters allows for.

We are really pleased with the resulting solution and would encourage you to give it a quick read when you have a few minutes:

West Beacon – Off Grid Case Study (PDF) As published by Napit CPS Magazine

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The Green Deal: Q’s & A’s

Earlier this January, the government launched its anticipated Green Deal Scheme allowing home owners to apply for energy saving home improvements without any initial and upfront cost. They will then pay it back through their electricity bill.

Whenever money and energy are concerned, there are always questions to be asked. Here at Energy Connect UK, as an established and reputable supplier of a range of solar energy panels and alternative energy products, we pride ourselves on the quality of both our products and our customer service.

Whilst you may not be making an overall saving, as the extra payments added to your bill are offset by a lower energy use, there are a number of questions that many consumers are still pondering.
Can I Shop Around For An Energy Provider?

Yes you can. Being a part of the Green Deal doesn’t affect who provides your gas and electricity. If you decide to switch energy suppliers then your old supplier simply informs your new provider that you are a Green Deal customers, ensuring you are billed accordingly.


Will My Green Deal Repayments Affect My Ability To Borrow Money?


No. The only thing that is included on your credit record is your initial check. Once the deal begins and home improvements are made, the loan becomes a part of the property and not you directly.


What If I Move?


The beauty of the Green Deal is that it is about creating a more energy-aware and self-sufficient community which is why the deal stays with the property. As it is paid back through electricity bills, the loan falls on whoever now inhabits the residence. If you move, you know longer reap the benefits, meaning you stop paying.

For more information on our range of products here at Energy Connect UK, be sure to fill out our online contact form or give one of our experts a call on 0116 242 5151.

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What The Green Deal For To You?

With the government’s introduction of The Green Deal Scheme this 2013, making your property more eco-friendly is something that all households can achieve.

Here at Energy Connect UK, we are the leading suppliers within the Midlands for high quality Solar Panels as well as a multitude of micro-generation and energy efficient products. Based in Leicester, we are able to operate our services all over ensuring that our customers receive only the most complete solar energy service.

The Green Deal is a scheme which the government has introduced that offers repayable loans to landlords and homeowners for energy-efficient home improvements. This means that, whilst your ‘green’ additions are not free, you can begin to reap the benefits of having a more eco-friendly and energy-aware household.

But Why Should I Apply For The Scheme?

1. Professional Assessment

The first real benefit of becoming a part of the Green Deal Scheme is that your property will be professionally and thoroughly assessed by an energy specialist. They will evaluate your residence, looking at ways it can be improved, how much you will benefit from the improvements and, most importantly, how much money you can potentially save.

2. Simple Re-Payments

The idea of ‘owing’ money to the government understandably has a number of people concerned. But the way you repay your Green Deal loan really is defined with the homeowner in mind. The repayments are worked in accordance to how much you will save, the cost of your improvements and will be repaid through your energy bill. What’s more, the repayments stay with the property meaning if you move, you will not have to continue paying.

3. Easy To Maintain Improvements

Once solar panels, double glazing and any other energy efficient improvements are installed in your home, one of the major selling points is that they require very little maintenance once up and running. Your new power source will ensure that your home is self-sufficient and a sustainable outfit.

For more information on the Green Deal Scheme, our solar energy products or any advice on our energy saving products, be sure to contact us or give us a call on 0116 242 5151.

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How Solar Energy Can Benefit your Business This New Year

The turn of the New Year is of great importance for businesses as they look on ways to make 2013 a prosperous and successful year. In an age where every margin counts, it understandable that many businesses look at ways in which they can improve their current financial boundaries.

With an emphasis on cutting-costs and finding eco-efficient ways to save money, it may come as no surprise that many companies are looking to renewable energy sources in order to power their business. Which is why we, here at Energy Connect UK, we are proud to be the first choice when it comes to supplying solar panels and other renewable resources in the Midlands areas.

Revitalise Your Business

With energy prices constantly fluctuating, it can be hard to manage your margins. But with the installation of solar panels, you can take control of your business’s energy expenses and reap the benefits of transferring to solar energy.

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians are on hand to help you from your initial consultation, to helping you design your system, to installing it in your workplace. The Energy Connect Team offers a complete service where we will sit down and help you implement your solar system in order to advance your business.

Reap The Benefits of Solar Energy

With everyone looking to do their bit for the environment, you can add an environmentally friendly accreditation to your business. By highlighting your commitment to the implementation of renewable energy sources, your clients and competitors will stand back and take note.

A constant and reliable energy source, you can revitalise the way your company is run. From the financial intricacies to the energy saving benefits, you can be proud to boast a self-sufficient commercial existence.

But don’t take our word for it. Give one of our trusted team a call on 0116 242 5151 and they will be able to answer any questions or queries you may have.

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Wales ‘Solar Park’ Lighting Way to Green New Year

The New Year often sees the government and local authorities assess their budgets and priorities setting new targets and aims to achieve throughout the year. One of the biggest areas that Britain, as a whole, is looking to improve is its energy resources.

As the world looks to shine its bright ‘green’ light on the future of energy, it would appear that everyone anywhere can do their bit to enhance the cause. Here at Energy Connect UK, we are proud to be flying the flag for the midlands as we look to expand solar energy throughout the country.

All-round Service

As leading suppliers and installers of PVC solar panels in Nottingham, Leicester and the surrounding midlands areas, converting to solar energy could not be simpler or more beneficial. Our qualified and experienced team offer a complete service from advice to design to implantation, ensuring that you are not left in the dark as you look to brighten your future.

Operating commercially and domestically, we are here to transform the way you power your residences. Once installed you can begin to reap the benefits of an inexpensive, ‘off-the grid’ power supply that requires little to no maintenance and helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Wales – Leading the Way

This is exactly what a firm in Wales has done as they look to construct a ‘solar farm’ the size of 28 football pitches. The project will look to generate 15 megawatts of electricity – enough to power 4,500 homes annually.

The solar park, looking to be set up at Tai Moelion farm, would allow sheep and farm animals to graze in between its 10×3 rows of panels, ensuring that livelihoods and lifestyles are not disrupted. This project aims to put Wales at the forefront of energy research and development.

So why not attack the New Year in a greener, inexpensive way by contacting us today to discuss our complete range of solar panel services. Check out our website for more information.

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Do Solar Panels Work In The Winter?

We all like to do ‘our bit’ by making the world a greener place. With energy bills soaring as the economy struggles on, many households up and down the country are looking at ways of reducing their monthly energy expenditure.

One of the surest ways of making those all-important cuts is by the installation of solar panels. Here at Energy Connect UK, we specialise in supplying and installing energy efficient products both commercially and domestically, allowing you to make those first steps to a cheaper, greener future.

Energy Leaders

Based in Leicester, we also offer our services in solar panel electricity in Nottingham and the surrounding Midlands area. Our micro-generation technology is the driving force behind our aim of reducing the earth’s carbon footprint and making efficient use of our natural renewable energy resources.

With an emphasis on solar energy, the benefits really are there to see; from a consistent and reliable off-grid energy source, to requiring little to no maintenance. But unsurprisingly, people do have their doubts.

Are solar panels less efficient in the winter?

By obtaining solar energy from the sunlight and turning it into electrical energy, we have been able to find a constant source of renewable energy. The excitement surrounding solar energy continues to increase as technology continues to find more efficient ways at harnessing it.

Solar panels do not work on heat energy, it is solely the sunlight. Due to shorter days, earlier nights and a bigger cloud presence, the solar panels are not exposed to as much sunlight as they would be in the summer months. But this doesn’t mean they are not working. In fact, the photovoltaic solar panels will charge themselves during the winter as well as working to a sufficient level.

So, find out the cost-effective and eco-friendly benefits today by giving us a call on 0116 242 5151 to have a chat about our solar energy systems, or check out our website for a complete look at our services.

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Africa Leading The Way In Solar Energy

A new year could mean a new renewable outlook for many households up and down the country. With the list of people changing to solar panel electricity in Nottingham, Leicester and the surrounding areas continuing to grow, you too can do your part for the environment, as well as reap the financial benefits.

At Energy Connect UK, we are dedicated to saving the environment and advancing the benefits of solar energy. Based in the Midlands, we are committed to making efficient use of the Earth’s natural resources. With benefits that cover long-term financial gains, consistent and reliable power source as well as a reduction in your carbon footprint; our team of highly qualified engineers are on hand to help.

Nzema Project

Renewable and non-renewable energy sources seem to always be in the news, most of the time due to rising fuel costs. But with a British developer planning to create the largest solar power plant in Africa, it is not only the environment that will benefit.

The $400m project, christened the Nzema project, is due to undergo construction in Ghana by the end of 2013. The power plant would be the fourth largest of its kind in the world and would not only increase the country’s electrical capacity by 6%, but also create hundreds of jobs within the local community.

With an average carbon footprint of 0.4 tonnes of CO2, compared to 8.5 tonnes of CO2 per head in the UK, this advancement shows Ghana’s commitment to improving its national economy. As it works to increase its renewable energy capacity 10% by 2020, there is a lot we can learn from their example.

Solar Energy

The proposal of the Nzema project may be just the encouragement you need to switch to solar energy. With high quality solar panels and a qualified and experienced team of engineers at our helm, Energy Connect UK will be there to give honest, friendly and beneficial advice in everything from your solar panels design to installation to maintenance.

For more information on the range of solar energy services we offer, check out our website or call 0116 242 5151.

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Save Money in 2013: The Benefits of Solar Energy

With the impending New Year, it’s fair to say that a lot of people use this time to re assess their finances. In a time where every penny counts, we can’t help but look for new, cheaper ways of minimising our expenditure, and one of the biggest drains on our finances is our bills, and more specifically our energy bills.

With hundreds of providers and comparative sites, it can get pretty daunting and confusing. So why not escape it all in 2013 and welcome in the new age of solar energy?

Helping the Environment

The invention of solar power has done wonders not only for reducing damage to the environment, but also to how we as a community can help play our part.

Here at Energy Connect UK, we are specialists in providing and installing solar panels. Operating residentially or commercially, our highly qualified and experienced team will be able to advise and efficiently install your solar system in order for it to generate maximum energy; saving you a considerable amount of money in the long term.

Saving Money is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

The benefits of solar panel electricity in Derby, Leicester, Nottingham and the surrounding Midlands areas, really are worth noting.

• Renewable energy – The sun acts as a consistent energy source that can be consumed anywhere in the world. With no mains needed, you can escape the clutches of the power grid and become a self-sufficient property.

• Environmentally-Friendly – Solar panels don’t release anything into the atmosphere unlike fossil fuels, don’t make a noise and require little maintenance, making them an easy, cost-efficient investment.

• The Best is yet to come – The industry is constantly improving. With installations increasing by 50% each year and a range of systems being developed to fit whatever budget you have, the future really is bright for solar power.

Make expensive energy bills last year’s news and become a part of the solar revolution, saving money as well as the all-important environment. We are happy to help in any way here at Energy Connect UK so check out our website, call us or contact us via our online form for any advice on solar energy you need.

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New Website Coming Soon!

Energy Connect UK will be launching their new website very soon, check back here regularly to stay up to date with the latest in energy generating products.

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Energy Industry Updates

Check our news section regularly for the latest articles on happenings in the Energy Industry to find out how these may effect home & business owners alike.

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