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Save on your monthly Energy Bills

Reduce your Carbon Footprint & cut electricity costs

With roof mounted Solar PV panels configured in an array, average households can simultaneously power all their appliances by harnessing daylight.

Save on your energy bills

Energy Connect UK - Off Grid Specialists

Whether you are looking to live run your business 'off-grid', Energy Connect can help. We are SMA partners and with the wide range of SMA 'Island' or Back-up' technologies at our disposal, we can design and install a system that keeps you on-line all the time.

The Off Grid Goal

We've found the key to satisfying an offgrid customer is to put into place a system that on a day to day basis the home/business owner doesn't have to give any thought to. This means a system that controls and maintains itself and indeed to a vistor runs exactly as a normal AC on grid supply would. The SMA range of products combined with microgeneration, such as solar, wind and hydro allow us to do exactly that.

The Key Principles

The majority of off-grid systems rely on a bank of batteries, this is especially important for a site relying on renewable technologies such as solar and wind power. The system implemented will ensure the batteries are toppped up from these renewable sources whenever possible, automatically starting a on-site fuel generator only if the batteries reach a pre determined state of charge.

But we can be even more clever than that, in periods of high renewable generation (during a sunny day with wind) we can ensure that excess power is used to heat water ready for the evening, or in the case of low generation, we can automatically shutdown pre-determined non-vital systems to ensure that if a fuel generator is ever needed, its very rarely and only for vital systems such as fridges/freezers/heating. Fossil fuels cost, renewable power doesn't, all our systems are based upon this simple fact; maximising the 'green' power availible.

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